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The Plane Truth: The Grievance Process

The anti-union CIE sent some texts about the grievance process that were just plain wrong.

Under OUR contract with Avelo (remember, CIE has no part to play here), you will be able to file a grievance if you are disciplined or feel that another section of the contract is violated. You can either file it on your own or the union can file it for you.

With OUR contract (that CIE has nothing to do with), you can only be disciplined for just cause. You will also have a union representative with you at your investigatory meeting and represent you throughout the grievance procedure.

And we can take your case all the way to arbitration, which is where a neutral third party decides whether you should’ve been disciplined (or if the contract was violated). Without a contract, you’re left to a management-run appeals process. In a management-run appeals process, there’s no neutral party involved, no accountability, and you won’t have AFA there to have your back and represent you in the process.

Which way is better for you? We think it’s pretty clear – a proper grievance process in a collective bargaining agreement where you get representation and ultimately, a neutral third party to decide your case.

Also, p.s. The 6% of the workforce being unionized is also completely misleading – the airline industry is 85% unionized and it’s the most heavily unionized industry in the country. Why? Because unions WORK for Flight Attendants, and AFA works for us.