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Debunking Union Busters

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The Truth about Signing a Card to Decertify AFA

The Center for Independent Employees (going by “Avelo4Us”), a union-busting group, has been approaching Flight Attendants to sign authorization cards to decertify our union, Avelo AFA, as your collective bargaining representative.  We have heard complaints from Flight Attendants that they were asked to sign these cards without understanding what they were signing, and some Flight Attendants want to revoke what they signed. 

In trying to get Flight Attendants to sign these cards, CIE is essentially trying to stop our success and progress at the negotiating table. If enough cards (at least 50% of Flight Attendants) are collected and are accepted as eligible voters by the National Mediation Board (NMB), there will be an election to vote for keeping our current AFA representation or to get rid of our union. 

Avelo management has been dragging their feet on agreeing to make improvements throughout contract negotiations. Once our contract is negotiated and approved by Avelo AFA Flight Attendants, our terms and conditions of employment cannot be changed unless management negotiates with us first! We don’t want to spend our time going backwards on the progress we’ve made. Wear your AFA pin! We’re ready to get the contract we deserve. 

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