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Negotiating pay schedule, expense reimbursements, and corrections

Last month, management sent an email about changes that they made about payroll.  Management decided to stop running expenses on a weekly basis and instead put them into the next regularly scheduled paycheck. Management also decide to no longer run off-cycle payrolls (unless required by state law), which means that adjustments and corrections to paychecks will be paid out with the next regularly scheduled paycheck. 

When we have a contract, management won't be able to make unilateral decisions.

Our Avelo AFA negotiators will be able to negotiate over these issues and hold management to a negotiated pay cycle and a timeline for issuing expenses and correcting paychecks.

We’ve negotiated these provisions at countless other AFA-represented airlines, and they’re enshrined in our collective bargaining agreements. For example:

  • At PSA Airlines, we’ve negotiated over pay periods and when the paydays will be in any given month.  We’ve also negotiated that management must respond in writing to payroll resolution forms within 5 business days, with any owed money over $50 paid within 2 days of the company’s response. 
  • At Hawaiian, we’ve negotiated that any expense report received on Monday will be paid by Friday of the same week. 

Having a collective bargaining agreement negotiated by AFA means that you will get the benefit of these types of protections that management must follow.