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We are Avelo AFA

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Marcelo Souza (MCO)

Avelo AFA Marcelo Souza

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because as a union we advocate tirelessly for the rights, safety, and well-being of Flight Attendants like me and my flying partners, ensuring we have a strong voice in our industry!"

J'vaughn Joseph (HVN)

Avelo AFA J'vaughn Joseph

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because together we are louder than individual voices and we all need to be heard. AFA is the megaphone for even the quietest of voices. It is our collectiveness that ensures we all win."

Caitlin Hartsel (RDU)

Avelo AFA Caitlin Hartsel

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because we have a voice! As a member of the scheduling committee, I am able to directly contribute to bettering the working environment of myself and my fellow Flight Attendants. I am hopeful that Avelo’s collaboration with us will foster many mutual improvements."

Bree Gribbin (HVN)


"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because I believe in a long term bright future with Avelo. The AFA guarantees us a voice and with that, our voice and solidarity will help cultivate a positive working environment for all of us."

George Stumpf (BUR)

Avelo AFA George Stumpf

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because we unite and fight for better working conditions! Avelo AFA is us, a collective voice fighting for the contract we all deserve."

Chris Brea (RDU)

Avelo AFA Chris Brea

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because we continue to fight for change for all Flight Attendants even when encounter resistance. I'm excited to keep working to make Avelo a more safe, and fair equitable work place."

Danny Torres (LAS)

Avelo AFA Danny Torres

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because together, in solidarity, we can make a difference. AFA has paved the way for Flight Attendants for decades and I couldn't be more proud to be apart of our Union"

Alonso Olvera-Gonzalez (BUR)

Avelo AFA Alonso Olvera-Gonzalez

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because it ensures I have a voice and to stand up and fight for what I believe in. I feel empowered when I use my voice to speak up for what we deserve! With a Union we can all do that collectively and achieve our common goal."

Chelly Miranda-Saenz (ILG)

Avelo AFA Chelly Miranda-Saenz

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because our organization advocates tirelessly for fair labor practices, improved working conditions, and safety standards within the aviation industry for ALL Flight Attendants. Additionally, it also reflects a sense of solidarity with my fellow Flight Attendants and a commitment to ensuring the well-being of both crew members and our passengers."

Noël Gibeau (HVN)

Avelo AFA Noël Gibeau

"I am proud to be an Avelo AFA Flight Attendant because AFA's experience and support give us a collective voice to create positive change in our workplace. AFA puts Flight Attendants first and guarantees our input on matters that make an impact on our work environment. We are AFA!"

Selina Curtis (BUR)

AFA Avelo Selina Curtis

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because within a capitalist system of greed and power, standing together in unity, negotiating the terms of OUR labor creates a more equitable workplace environment. We deserve a workplace that prioritizes work-life balance for us all!"

Dylan Zukowski (BUR)

AFA Avelo Dylan Zukowski

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because ours are the voices that need to be heard. It is our right to band together and speak up for the things we want and Avelo AFA is there to make sure our collective voice is heard and our rights are protected!"

Dana Fischetti (HVN)

AFA Avelo Dana Fischetti

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because together, in solidarity can use our voice to ensure our needs are met so we can perform our very best every single flight. When the crew is happy, so are the customers. That’s what we do as Avelo AFA!"

Elliot Fleischer (ILG)

AFA Avelo Elliot Fleischer

"I’m proud to be Avelo AFA because we are stronger together as a group than we are as individuals. AFA gives us the strength that we critically need to make meaningful changes and provides us with a forum to support one another. I am proud to have a voice in this effort and be apart of our union that has my back."

Joseph Podojil (BUR)

Avelo AFA Joseph Podojil

"I take great pride in being an Avelo AFA Flight Attendant as it epitomizes diligent labor, a sense of belonging, exceptional aptitude, and unwavering commitment. I am proud to be Avelo AFA."

Kiley Krzyzek (BUR)

Avelo AFA Kiley Krzyzek

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because our Unions help us Flight Attendants have a a voice and make positive changes in our industry. AFA has been fundamental to improvements in the aviation industry, especially advocating against discriminatory practices since the beginning like only allowing single young women to fly. AFA has lobbied for everything from safety to seniority protections. I’m proud to be a member and can’t wait to see what other groundbreaking improvements we can achieve together!"

Athenas Ortiz (HVN)

Avelo AFA Athenas Ortiz

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because our union is focused on the wellness of all Flight Attendants! We’re constantly striving for better improvements to our working conditions that will benefit Avelo Flight Attendants and ensure we have a better future at our airline."

Cole Cook (BUR)

Avelo AFA Cole Cook

"I am proud to be Avelo AFA because our strength is stronger when we stand together. Every voice is heard and every member is valued. We work hard to keep every customer and every crewmember safe on the ground and safe in the sky. As a collective unit, we can keep growing Avelo to be the airline everyone wants to fly with and everyone wants to work with! We are the best of the best!"